Expressive Worship for Canada Sep. 18th
Expressive Worship for Canada Sep. 18th
Expressive Worship for Canada Sep. 18th
Expressive Worship for Canada Sep. 18th
Expressive Worship for Canada Sep. 18th
Expressive Worship for Canada Sep. 18th
Expressive Worship for Canada Sep. 18th
Expressive Worship for Canada Sep. 18th

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Expressive Worship for Canada Sep. 18th

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Canadians will vote on Sep. 20th. Let's set one hour aside to exalt the name of Jesus over Canada together on Saturday, September 18th at 11:30 am ET, 10:30 am CT, 8:30 am PT! 

We are joining the CRY Movement's initiative to gather and dedicate one hour of uninterrupted worship to Jesus over the nation.

I will be sharing my screen with selected worship songs for us all to follow along together! This is a time of freedom and liberty in God's presence which will resonate across Canada. So feel free to engage your body as you worship with the spontaneous raising of hands, bowing down, kneeling, jumping, twirling, and yes, as you feel led to! :)

Bring your faith, your worship dance tools (scarf, silks, flags, streamers, banners) or simply your powerful spontaneous body movements. Bring your focus to fight for Canada in the spirit realm while we enthrone Jesus over the nation worshipping Him with all of our heart, mind, soul, spirit, body, and strength!!

Worship is our weapon!!

We invite Ambassadors of Christ from ALL NATIONS to join us in agreeing for the Kingdom of God to manifest in every nation. Now it's time to pray for the elections in Canada. 

Sign up here for FREE so you can receive the video link and a reminder one day before the worship gathering. We ask that you block off your calendars at that time of the day to dedicate to this important and honouring activity.


Psalm 22:27-28

Psalm 37

Psalm 57:2, 11

Rev. 1:4-5, 19:16

Please incorporate these prayer points to your daily prayer routine for this federal election: (extracted from 

* Declare the Lord's majesty over Canada
* Worship Him as Lord over Canada
* Pray for all government corruption to be exposed
* Pray for wisdom for voters to vote for those who have soft hearts to the will of God & who have His wisdom for Canada at this time
* Pray believers would vote
* Pray that all those who have stood for Godly values in the previous Parliament would be elected
* Pray for favour on the righteous
* Pray for good candidates to have the volunteers and resources they need to run good campaigns
* Pray for an awakening in the church and for the fear of the Lord
* Pray for unity in the churchCanada.

—- Pray every day from now until September 20th, 2021. — 

"We magnify the name of Jesus over Canada and declare that our trust is in You and You alone O Lord. We humble ourselves before You in repentance for our many grievous sins and plead Your Blood over our land. In this election, we pray You would cause us to elect candidates whose hearts are soft to Your will, who will stand for righteousness & who will have heavenly wisdom to govern Canada in these times. We pray that You would remove those who do not have Your heart, or wisdom, to govern Canada. For the sake of our children, and future generations, we ask that You would release great honour for Your Word upon all of Canada, that You would expose corruption in government and that You would convict Canadians from sea to sea to turn to you with all their hearts, souls, mind and strength. We thank You for Your mercy and grace. Amen."