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If you experience chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia…if you are tired of suffering from a series of health problems… your weight is getting heavier and many days feel like a heavy burden in which you have no pleasure in because of the pain you have in your body…

Most days your hands and feet are cold, your brain is foggy, your memory is failing you, and at night you don't have a good sleep... 

… and on top of all that, traditional medicine is failing you…

If you can relate with any of these scenarios, then the good news I am about to share is definitely for you!

Here is the Good News!!!

You can beat diseases and restore your health by unleashing the power of your blood circulation!

Never heard of that before? Or, you have, but you were unclear as to what that really meant? Then stick around. 

The truth is optimal blood flow equips the body to function optimally because the blood nourishes the body with nutrients, oxygen and removes toxins and threats. That means God has created our body to restore and heal itself! He has given us this FREE and life-giving fountain of youth running inside of us! You have more power over your health and beauty than you know!!

When your blood circulation is working at its best capacity, your body can get up in the morning filled with energy and move without experiencing pain. You can go about your daily activities successfully and engage in regular physical exercises as you wish! You can also recover faster from those exercises so they can become more consistent in your life!

I’ve learned that our cells, tissues and organs need brisk, bright-red blood full of oxygen to function properly! And on the other hand, sluggish blood flow sets the stage for chronic diseases to develop in the body over time.

Imagine this for you: sleep better, wake up feeling rested, mentally focused, filled with energy, experiencing no pain or discomfort, feeling at peace with yourself and with how you look, ready to conquer the day! 

"So how old are you? Is it determined by the number of your years or the condition of your body? Can you preserve your life, perhaps live a little longer and healthier? ...The way the blood flows through the vessels and delivers oxygen to your cells and tissues will be reflected in our health, our appearance, and our brain function as the years roll by. What ultimately keep us younger and healthier is our circulatory system."
Edmund Kwan, MD

Are you excited and filled with hope yet? So join us!

Unleash the Power of Your Blood Circulation Challenge


In this life-giving opportunity you will learn how to unleash the power of your blood circulation in 8 meetings during 17 days, starting on May 12, 2021!

Live Online Sessions

 I have information and tools that would be a disservice to you if I didn’t share them!
What I am going to share in these meetings, you can put into practice immediately or in a short period of time. Some methods and tools you already have but you don't know, some are very affordable and others more of an investment in your health - the choice is yours!

*DISCLAIMER: All content in these sessions is for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions or concerns you may have. This is a preventive approach to create awareness and encourage you to make necessary changes in your life-style to restore your health naturally.* 

What these sessions will do is educate you and share practical tools you can use to unleash the power of your blood circulation. That is to beat diseases and restore your health without the use of medications, while increasing heart connection with God moving your body and having fun!

8 meetings in 17 days

  • Diseases: The Body's Response to Poor Blood Circulation
  • Intro to Blood Circulation
  • Blood Circulation in the Heart & Liver
  • Mental Health & Vision
  • Hair & Sexual Function
  • Your Muscular Performance
  • Eat right & move more 
  • Move More: Worship Exercises in each of the 8 Meetings

(Videos will also be streamed live on the Facebook group where you can check them live or later. )

  • WEEK 1
  • place holder
  • May 12, Wednesday
  • May 14, Friday
  • WEEK 2
  • May 17, Monday
  • May 19, Wednesday
  • May 21, Friday
  • WEEK 3
  • May 24, Monday
  • May 26, Wednesday
  • May 28, Friday

Once you register, we will send you a link to connect to the live interactive meetings! Videos will also be streamed live on the Facebook group where you can check them live or later. 

Yes, this is an interactive type of challenge!

I will be live with you where not only will you receive theory teachings, but also practical! Since physical exercise is one of the ways to improve blood circulation, at the end of each session we will take about 20 minutes to exercise together while worshiping God!!

If you are wondering if these exercises are for you, no sweat, they are tailored for everyone!

Is this too good to be true? It is amazing and it is true!!

Our sessions will be rich in content and rich in practicality also! So yes, like you, I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, and I will also help you to get some blood flowing, while increasing your heart connection with God using our bodies in worship with movement!

Wait, if you are not a believer of Jesus but would still like to unleash the power of your blood circulation and have a short workout with us, you are welcome here; no questions asked! 

Are you curious about how the worship workout would look like? Take a look at the VIDEO below!

See what others are saying...

Becah has a passion for God and the arts. She has a desire to teach and equip the church by using movement as the medium of expression. Hebecah is an experienced dancer and teacher who will lead her students to experience connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through movement.

Ann Mack

Bethel Dance Intensive Director & Teacher, Redding, California

Becah is someone who is passionate for God and for advancing His Kingdom. She has a love for Him and for people that is contagious. She has a true heart of worship that comes through loud and clear as she dances and ministers. Becah is a true blessing to anyone she comes in contact with and we recommend her wholeheartedly.

Brendan Witton

Senior Pastor Toronto City Church, Toronto, Canada

Thank you so much for your courage in walking out this gifting that God has given you. This afternoon was wonder-filled. Sometimes you don’t even realize there are spaces in your heart still needing some nurturing and healing from the Holy Spirit. There were so many moments of pure beauty. One of them being growing in deeper intimacy with our Heavenly Father through dance and worship. Thank you for inspiring me to breakthrough places of disappointment and dance with joy!"

Janine Franklin

Worship Dance workshop attendee, Toronto, Canada

Unleash the Power of Your Blood Circulation Challenge


Hassle-free 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you felt that your time in our first meeting was not worth spending. Simply email me after the meeting, and I'll refund your payment!  Becah

Take this risk-free opportunity and register now!!

You are tired of trying different options to restore your health and you only got disappointed. In this challenge you will learn amazing truths about the power found in your blood circulation and how to optimize it! In addition, you will have the opportunity to exercise together in a fulfilling way worshipping our Lord Jesus!

Don't delay your breakthrough!

The educational content of this challenge is taken from extensive hours researching the topic, including books written by doctors and scientific articles, which will all be openly shared with everyone!

It has been hours and hours of work and you get to receive all the information on a platter!

 You need to know that I am not certain when I will be able to deliver this challenge again, it will depend on different factors that I have no control of... 

... so make room for you and for the Lord and join us! If you can’t join some days or even all of the days live, you will also be able to check the videos later in the Facebook group!

Prices may go up, this time I have made it pretty affordable to everyone! So don’t wait any longer, register now while spots are still available. 

You are not alone...

I understand where you are because I have been there, and many others have too. So many have experienced victory, you can too! 

This is the key, the microvessels in our body are responsible for feeding nutrients and oxygen to our organs, tissues, bones, brain… poor circulation of blood in your microvessels leads to cells that are running low on nutrients and oxygen, while keeping toxins longer in your body.

Simply put, the reason for most diseases and lack of wellbeing is poor circulation. So it's safe to say that the situation you are in is not your fault, because you were not aware of what the issue was and the solution. The problem is deeper than having self motivation to conduct a healthy and pain-free life.

That's why we are coming to bring you good news of great hope! You don't have to feel powerless and keep dragging yourself daily, having no idea of what's going on with your health.

Seeing that you've stuck around until now, let me share more truths about blood circulation that we are not being told:

- Robust circulation makes skin healthier and younger
- Diabetes can lead to a hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels
 - Problems in the liver arise from cells not getting enough oxygen
- People with depression experience decreased blood flow to the brain
- Healthy vision requires a rich network of blood vessels carrying oxygen and vital nutrients
- Our hair follicles rely on the abundant supply of blood flow
- Most conditions that limit blood flow include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, aging, coronary artery disease (clogged arteries in the heart) and medications

Unleash the Power of Your Blood Circulation Challenge


Hassle-free 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you felt that your time in your first meeting was not worth spending. Simply email me after the meeting, and I'll refund your payment!  Becah

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Becah Zuanazzi-Burton

Founder & Director of All In Worship

Between becoming a lawyer and working in a management position in a financial institution for over 7 years, Becah made a life-changing decision to pursue her passion in the health and wellness arena! She is a trained dancer, worship dance leader, and Revelation Wellness instructor. She loves to help people discover the power that is within their circulatory system to beat diseases and restore their health naturally. Her heart is to help people to do more than just workouts or dance fitness classes but to lead them into a lifestyle of wellness and worship to Jesus our Lord! Want to know more about our mission and faith? Click here

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