Worship dance with your child 2-5 yrs

Looking for ways to teach your child to worship God creatively where they can experience the presence of the Holy Spirit and connect with other children in that environment of worship in Toronto?

Or perhaps you will be the one learning from your child. It always amazes me how much we can learn from these little ones. They are ready to worship, ready to express themselves, ready to jump in the river of grace and healing. They release so much joy and purity and breakthrough in environments.

In fact, I see that God's heart is to manifest His presence through children. This year there is a call to increase times of worship because true worship will prepare the way for an increased manifestation of His presence among those who seek Him, including an increased repentance and consequently greater harvest. It's been prophesied by Dr. Kevin Zadai that the Lord wants the children to be part of this movement, where they will worship in spirit and in truth and many miracles are going to happen through the kids. 

At Bethel church in Redding, California, they have a saying that goes: "Children don't have a junior Holy Spirit". When we think about it, we realize that it's very true. Furthermore, Jesus adds that if adults are not like little children, they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven!! Wow, what an eye opening revelation!!

We are raising up a community of passionate worshippers in Toronto.
Come and express your worship to Jesus with PASSION and FREEDOM with your child!

Worship Dance with Your Child


Class Location

491 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 400 Toronto, ON, M5N 1A7 @ Groove School of Dance
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FREE Parking info & TTC directions HERE.

Jesus overheard them and said:

 “I want little children to come to me, so never interfere with them when they want to come, for heaven’s kingdom realm is composed of beloved ones like these! Listen to this truth: No one will enter the kingdom realm of heaven unless he becomes like one of these!” Then he laid his hands on each of them and went on his way.  Matthew 19:14 -15

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Your children's worship defeat the schemes of the enemy

You have built a stronghold by the songs of babies. Strength rises up with the chorus of singing children. This kind of praise has the power to shut Satan’s mouth. Childlike worship will silence the madness of those who oppose you. Psalms 8:2 TPT

How wonderful to have our eyes opened to the power that dwells in the praises of little ones! Let us not undermine or ignore this reality but explore news ways to empower them to release their pure worship! Jesus is worthy of it!!

Don't stay in isolation. Let me help you make a decision now to get out of this place otherwise this cycle will not change.

God created us to experience Him alone but also in community. It starts with you and your child bonding while having a fulfilling experience worshipping Him.

In this safe place, we also gather with other parents and children seeking Jesus with our passionate worship tribe!

That's where I come in by creating an environment where you, your children and others can be trained to seek God using prophetic movements and dance with hearts open to encounter Him in a real way together! 

 Invest in yourself and make a move today! 

2020 is a time to receive double portions of God's promises to you. Get ready! Invest in your time in seeking the Lord with us while we build spiritual awareness and intimacy with Jesus through the Holy Spirit.  

And I, as a worship dance leader who has led many to worship God am so honoured to be part of your journey and lead you and your child into the activities the Holy Spirit shares with me.

That's why I've co-created with the Holy Spirit classes that will gently guide you to connect with God, with your child and others by partaking in group activities.

There you will be ministered and minister with prophetic movements, where the focus is not performance but intimacy with the Holy Spirit and hearing His voice.

This is a 5-week group class, Fridays from Jan. 21 to Feb. 18 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

Drop-in sign ups are also very welcome as classes are independent! 

The lovers of God will walk in integrity, and their children are fortunate to have godly parents as their examples. Proverbs 20:7 TPT


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Worship Dance with Your Child

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Hassle-free 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you felt that your time in your first class was not worth spending. Simply email me after class, and I'll refund your payment!   Hebecah Zuanazzi

Jump for joy at this risk-free opportunity and sign up now!!

Your heart is burning to lead your child to experience God encounters through worship dance. 2020 is a year of accelerated harvests , let us recognize the season we are in and position ourselves and our children to surf in the wave of glory.

Let us believe together for an accelerated growth for our children in the knowledge of Jesus, where they can encounter God at an early age.
  This season requires focus on God and where He is calling us to go today!

Arrange your schedule and join us in this supernatural adventure with the Holy Spirit in worshipping Jesus with your child!

I don’t know for certain how often I will deliver these classes after this next session, because it will depend on different factors that I have no control of. 

Prices may go up because dance studios have different rental prices and availabilities, so I may not be able to guarantee the same offer.

So SIGN UP NOW  - now is the time!

Class Descriptions
All classes offered will be a combination of the below activities

Worship Dance with Your Child


Class Location

491 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 400 Toronto, ON, M5N 1A7 @ Groove School of Dance
Questions? email
FREE Parking info & TTC directions HERE.

Hebecah has a passion for God and the arts. She has a desire to teach and equip the church by using movement as the medium of expression. Hebecah is an experienced dancer and teacher who will lead her students to experience connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through movement.

Ann Mack

Bethel Dance Intensive Director & Teacher, Redding, California

Hebecah is someone who is passionate for God and for advancing His Kingdom. She has a love for Him and for people that is contagious. She has a true heart of worship that comes through loud and clear as she dances and ministers. Hebecah is a true blessing to anyone she comes in contact with and we recommend her wholeheartedly.

Brendan Witton

Senior Pastor Toronto City Church, Toronto, Canada

Hebecah's style of dance is just as effortless as it is beautiful. As a trained dancer myself, it is a pleasure to watch someone dance with such conviction and abandonment. You can sense the Holy Spirit through her movements!

Simone Martin

Dance Teacher, Toronto, Canada

How I Rediscovered Worship Dance

I came from a generation of worshippers and evangelists. After I gave my life to Jesus during my teenage years, I started a worship dance ministry at my local church in Brazil and also engaged in street evangelism using dance and drama. It was natural for me to combine my passion for worship and dance because at that time I already had graduated as a pre-professional ballet dancer. These activities played a huge part of my life during 4 years until through disappointments and hurts, my faith became very intellectual and religious.

I stopped dancing and graduated in Law school instead. Long story short, I started travelling and moved to Canada then to Italy. 

When I was back in Canada and fully surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus in 2012, I immediately wanted to go back to what I knew to do, and so I volunteered the next 5 years co-leading DRIME, an evangelistic drama ministry in Toronto. I grew a lot in the experiential knowledge of Jesus during that time. When I was exposed to more of God's presence through Bethel Church worship and teachings, my heart to worship Jesus with dancing started to burn again.

I noticed how worship was such a fulfilling experience for me because it was so real and natural to enter in that place of adoration with my whole being. I felt that I could lead worship, but how, if I was not a trained singer? Later I realized that I was called to lead worship with my body and not with my voice, as many may think is the only way

Jesus deserves us to dance skillfully so I started taking ballet and contemporary dance classes to get retrained to offer my best to Him. 

During the Toronto House of Prayer Conference in 2014, Kirk Bennett, the speaker, interrupted himself to release a prophetic question to the congregation "What happened to the dance"? I knew it was for me!

During my rediscovery journey, I visited Bethel Church many times for conferences where I received many prophetic words from strangers about me worshiping with dancing.

I also received prophetic words while in conferences in Toronto. The words were about me dancing and leading many to worship God and to equip others to do it. Receiving prophetic words were key for me to stay encouraged in pursuing the REDISCOVERY of worship dance. I thought worship dance would look the same way it did many years ago in Brazil. But God wanted to do something NEWHe started to teach me NEW things during my Secret Place with Him that I'd love to share with you.

I then decided to take 3 months away from Canada to enrol in Bethel's 3-month dance intensive immersion in 2018, where not only did God confirm what He had been teaching me in my Secret Place but I also experienced additional NEW things the Lord was doing there. After completing the course, I was commissioned to equip others in their worship dance calling.

Joyful Warrior Dancer Commissioning

In my journey rediscovering worship dance, I attended the School of Prophets held at Bethel Church in 2017. After completing the school, both Kris Vallotton and Dan McCollan, who were the hosts, teachers and prophets, using a sword commissioned students declaring names that Jesus named us. During the conference, I heard God calling me a Joyful Warrior Dancer and so I was commissioned by both prophets with that name - see short video below! 

Any parent and child can express their passionate love for Jesus in spirit and in truth by signing up for the Worship Dance With Your Child classes. That's because they show you how to use movement and spontaneous dance to connect with God and your child with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Worship Dance with Your Child


Your destiny lies in your people

"The Song of Solomon is the store of lovers who are so passionate about each other, which is the essence of a Bride-like tribe.

Is this you?

=> Are you constantly caught up in romancing the Bridegroom that it seems the rest of your life is a bother?
=> Do you value feelings and experiences above tasks and accomplishments?
=> Do you relate to God both as Creator and Lover?

If you answered affirmatively, you probably approach life as the bride does and express yourself through creativity; it's common to find your tribe in a community of artists, musicians, or DANCERS - people known for being sensitive, intuitive, prophetic, and creative.

Pay attention to the DNA within you so you can discover your people in the world around you.

Remember: until you find your people, you can't fully apprehend your divine destiny because your destiny lies in your people!" .

Kris Vallotton - Destined to Win

Watching Hebecah dance is stunning - she is beauty expressed in technique, in heart, in soul. She pours her entire self into her creative movement and invites others into her journey with God through her vulnerability. Forever grateful for this specific moment God spoke to me through her dance: I was conversing with God about loss of protection prior to our class together. During the dance class, the teacher asked us to each release a word/words with our dance - and then Hebecah came out and released the word “protection” her movements captured God’s heart for me and ministered to my spirit in reassurance of His covering over me and around me.

Cindy Liao

Worship Dancer, BC, Canada

Thank you so much for your courage in walking out this gifting that God has given you. This afternoon was wonder-filled. Sometimes you don’t even realize there are spaces in your heart still needing some nurturing and healing from the Holy Spirit. There were so many moments of pure beauty. One of them being growing in deeper intimacy with our Heavenly Father through dance and worship. Thank you for inspiring me to breakthrough places of disappointment and dance with joy!"

Janine Franklin

Dance Workshop Attendee, Toronto, Canada

I really enjoyed the class and thank God for your heart of worship and your passion to raise others up alongside you in this. You have such a beautiful heart and deep love for God and it is evident in all that you do!!! One of my favourite exercises in the class was when you had us minister to each other using the flags and our movements as prayer. What a powerful time!!! Since we each got a chance to minister and be ministered to, we all experienced the power of this type of ministry. I was honestly amazed at the emotional response I had while being ministered to through the flags and movement. And even while I was ministering I could feel that something was happening in the spirit. 

Erin Guetter

Dance Workshop Attendee, Toronto, Canada

Lean on one another

Partnership with one another - connection and community:  "Dancers need to know the dance community is a safe place to be real, honest and vulnerable with one another. We need to be able to lean on one another without fear. As dancers this can mean quite literally leaning on one another as we dance and minister together, but we also need to be able to lean on one another figuratively - pulling strength from one another and being there for one another."

Saara Taina 
Dance Pastor, Bethel Church  Healing Rooms
A practical manual for equipping dancers to release the Kingdom of Heaven

Worship Dance with Your Child

Hassle-free 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you felt that your time in your first class was not worth spending. Simply email me after class, and I'll refund your payment!  Hebecah Zuanazzi

Customer Image

Hebecah Zuanazzi

Founder & Director of All In Worship

Hebecah is trained dancer, worship dance leader, intercessor and most of all a lover of Jesus. Currently she ministers worship dance at her church: Toronto City Church. Her mission is to equip people to move and dance with uninhibited mind, and body with hearts abandoned in passionate worship to Jesus. Hebecah is also a Certified Revelation Wellness Fitness Instructor. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she trained classical ballet for over 6 years. After moving to Toronto, she led DRIME - Disciples Ready in Mobile Evangelism Ministry for 5 years, using choreographed drama to share the Gospel on the streets. Hebecah is also an intercessor; she completed an internship at the THOP-Toronto House of Prayer in 2014, where she was ignited to pursue more revelations of her identity as the Bride of Christ. In addition, she is trained in Capoeira in Canada and Italy for 3 years. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that uses rhythm to practice self-defense, counter-attacks and acrobatics. In 2018, she completed Bethel Church's Worship Dance Intensive Training in Redding, California. She has lead classes at her church, dance and healing conferences. Now it's time to bring these classes to you on a more regular basis! Want to know amore about our mission and faith? Click HERE

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